Ideas, Characters and Sketches

Sometimes I look through my sketch book and see random drawings that I rather like and feel that it is a shame that they have been left unresolved.  I am using this page to bring them to light so that maybe one day I will be inspired to use them in a story. They may not be wonderful but I have an affection for them.

Half of a storyboard for a rather daft story I read in the Children’s Encyclopaedia



These illustrations are from a story I wrote about fledglings learning to fly and leaving the nest, it is called Pogo.I wrote it and started the illustrations around the time when my children were growing up and started to leave home.  I have made lots of the illustrations but I have not yet put it together.

These drawings are when Pogo’s brother ventures out of the nest before being taught how to fly.  He gets into trouble, he is a bit to brave for his own good, but he survives and has adventures along the way.

Later It is Pogo’s turn to fly.  she is fearful, very different from her brother Bounder, she is similar to her sister Bud who practiced well and flew off with no trouble.

As the story progresses  the three chicks grow up themselves and their experiences are  very different yet they do have similar ones too.

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