Piper Fused Glass Designs

After having a mini creative block, changing from one art project to another like a jumping kangaroo or flitting butterfly. I decided I wanted something creative with colour and light. So talking to people and knowing something about glass blowing and fusing, I heard about a workshop not far away. Perfect just what I needed. Well I loved it and have not looked back since. I gave up teaching drawing at Art Smart in the summer 2019 and I am now ready for a new start. When I’m ready I will have workshops and courses in my studio at High Wycombe. For now I enjoy glass fusing, a new and uplifting skill.
I continue to draw and when I am inspired I will write and illustrate another book. Meanwhile the colour and light of glass is all encompassing.

Early Days


As an artist I experiment with my imagination and the material to see how far I can take both. My studio is small but I would like to teach one to one or to two students. Please contact my email. ficradduck@gmail.com for details.

Animals including birds, reptiles and fish

People- A set of fused glass experiments for the gallery.

New Gallery – Colour and Light