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Pebble the Seagull

A new picture book for young children is on its way.






Pebble the Seagull is ready for a publisher, for printing and for lots of sales.
The story is about two seagulls who fight over an oyster and an Oystercatcher comes along to solve their argument.  The story is written for 4 to 8 year olds but the delightful illustrations can be enjoyed by all ages.
Here is preview: – See also Pebble the Seagull Gallery


ISBN 978-09576198-1-4

sixty words including spaces for Google to see.Red Socks is produced as a paperback book with an enclosed narrative CD on the inside cover.  The book is suitable for young readers just starting to enjoy books for themselves. The accompanying lively narrative, read by a young boy Daniel  Henwood is a terrific addition.





Scroll down the page to listen to a sample of the audio narrative.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.12.30

Book description:  Theo is a young boy who has an imaginary friend called Bags.  Bags looks like Theo but Bags is smaller and you will notice that he wears red, stripy socks.  Bags is lively, sometimes he is too lively. In this story Bags visits Theo and prevents him from learning to read by causing him lots of trouble.
To see a few example pages taken from the book, visit Red Socks gallery.
Red Socks is also available in an electronic version.  See link below.
Click the link to buy the electronic version of:  ‘Red Socks’ by Fiona Cradduck

iBooks flyer




ISBN 978-1-904312-35-2

Gus cover

‘Gus’ is my first book written under my maiden name ‘Bate’ and is published by ‘MX Publishing’. As well as the cover I have added a few images from the book. Gus is available to buy from Amazon.  
Here are a few examples taken from the book.
To see more illustrations from “Gus” open Gus Gallery.



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